Denver Tech Interview organizes mock interviews for software professionals.

DTIM is a free resource designed to allow candidates to discover their weak points before they have a real interview. Motivated software engineers pair up with other engineers, in a mock interview setting, answering questions they would be expected to know in real-life interviews.

When a topic comes up that a candidate doesn't have 100% knowledge of, they can make note of it, and brush up where they need to. Over and over, they can experience realistic interview challenges, interviewing without consequence, until they crack the coding interview.

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Think of it as a choose-your-own-adventure.

Whether you are creating websites, or application servers, DTIM can help you understand beforehand what your interview will entail.

When you attend an event, here's what to expect..

First, choose from...
  • Whiteboard exercises.
    Write working code without an IDE, or perhaps design a system from the top of your head. You'll need knowledge in a wide range of software engineering topics in order to answer these most efficiently, and to get the job.
  • Focus on the fundamentals.
    Go in-depth on the foundational knowledge you need to answer whiteboard exercises. From data structures and algorithms to databases and language specifics.. From backend to browsers, these topics will make sure you've got the basics down pat.
  • Interviews from DTIM partner companies.
    DTIM partners with companies in the market for great coding talent. They give us insight into what they are going to be asking in their interviews. We call these Shared Interviews™. Practice a set from a real company, and see if you have what it takes.

You will pair up with another candidate, and they will use our pre-written guided content to ask you questions in the area you want to focus on. Give it your best shot for half of our scheduled time, and then return the favor to your partner, for the other half.

If you need more time, we'd be happy to schedule a longer, more in-depth mock interview with you. Just ask!

You can do this over, and over again, getting your mind right, before you go do the real thing.

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DTIM and Your Software Co.: Scratchin' Each Other's Backs

DTIM exists because companies like yours interview and hire developers like the ones who find value in our group. Here are some ways we can work together to mutual benefit!

Send your employees to sharpen up their skills.

If you don't use it, you lose it. DTIM is a good way for your engineers and managers to keep the ax sharp, and thinking of software problems that are outside their day to day. Or perhaps you have a specific area you want them to brush up in. Get in touch with us. Its likely that other companies want their prospective candidates to have that knowledge as well. So even if its a topic we don't yet have content for, we're always looking to become more useful to a wider audience. The rigor, and yet openness, of a DTIM interview setting can help your employees understand where to focus their studies.

Meet with motivated candidates with no commitment.

For select employers each month, we have "Official Interviewer" slots open. Slots that Your Software Co. can fill. As an Official Interviewer, you will attend our meetings and participate as a mock interviewer. Not only will your employees become better interviewers, you have the opportunity to connect with motivated software engineers while they are preparing, perhaps before they actually start interviewing; a potential gold mine. Even more, talk with us, and we can create a set of questions covering the exact knowledge you want future candidates to have. Read about Shared Interviews™ below for details and benefits.

Partner with us, to develop candidates before you need them.

Interviewing is a lot like a blind date. You both show up not knowing much about the other, and ask a lot of questions to see if there's a spark. In both cases, it leaves a lot to be desired in finding the candidates who have potential. You surprise them with questions they may not be ready for, wasting time and money that could be better spent otherwise.

Our solution: Shared Interviews™

Give us an insider's view of what you will be asking in the interview. Without revealing your company name, we will make that view available to candidates to use in DTIM interviews. Benefits are two fold:

  1. We will publicly recognize you as a partner company, providing a community service, helping make the world a better place for software engineers everywhere.
  2. Candidates who demonstrate that they are willing, available, and able to succeed in your Shared Interview™, are the people you want to be talking to.

We are doing for tech interviews what GNU, Apache, and Linus Torvalds did for software.

By opening your interview topics up to us, everyone, especially your company, benefits. Candidates are more able to prepare themselves for the interview, and you receive more prepared candidates. Of course, when you interview them yourself, you won't ask the exact same questions you shared with us; that would be silly. You will, however, ask questions that cover the same knowledge.

It's not the surprise factor that makes an interview effective; it's having a conversation with a candidate who knows what you need them to know, who can do what you need them to do. Help us, help you find those candidates.

We know this idea is radical, but there is historical precedent. Shared interviews™ are a mind shift in the same way that companies had to shift when thinking about open source software. "What?! You want us to give our code away for FREE?!" A cancer, is how Microsoft described Linux, when they were first exposed to the idea of Free and Open Source software. They did everything in their power to end it. Today, Microsoft Loves Linux, and they give away code every day. The upstart Linux open source operating system has been bigger than Windows for years. We hope Shared interviews™ will open interviewing in the same way open source opened programming.

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